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[texts]73 Magazine (December 2002)
73 Magazine December 2002 (#505) Commercial-Quality Function Generator - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... K8IHO 10 Shedding Some Light on Dimmers - Why not put one of these triacs to use? ...... W2GOM/7 22 Eager for Meager - Try an 11m vertical on 160 ...... AD1B 24 Shack Switch for Foot Fetishists - Not that it's That kinky ...... WA2OKZ 27 Ashore at Sacrifice Rock! - The saga of a masterful DXpedition ........
Keywords: radio; frequency; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; thai; cap; december; amateur radio; radio today; web site; time base; radio book; book shop; ham radio; power supply; cal res; three boats
Downloads: 10,436 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (December 2001)
73 Magazine December 2001 (#493) Microwind to the Rescue! - Let the wind keep your emergency batteries charged ...... WA8YKN 10 Subdivision Subterfuge - A Houston homeowner handles his hamming ...... KD5IDU 17 IOTA -AS096 - That's St. Mary's Island to you ...... VU2SBJ 20 Bare Bones Battery Booster - A good project - as long as you understand the dangers and limitations ...... N0GJ 23 VOM Primer - This overview is helpful for beginners and old-timers alike ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; photo; december; meter; hams; tion; amateur radio; stepper motor; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; fly rod; circuit board; microwind generator; radio shack
Downloads: 4,852
[texts]73 Magazine (December 2000)

Keywords: radio; amateur; voltage; circuit; frequency; meter; power; mhz; coax; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; ham radio; burden voltage; binding posts; earth ground; coax cable; web site; test leads
Downloads: 3,433
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1999)
73 Magazine December 1999 (#470) The X(Mas)-Files ...... Staff 6 Big-Time Bench Supply - This highly regulated SCR design might be overkill, but it's still fun to build ...... Sellen 10 Secret Death Ray - Or is HAARP a useful science tool? ...... N7MGT 14 TV Tutor - How to get started in SSTV ...... ZL1AAN 22 Why Not Renew On-line? - Here's how to untangle the FCC Web ...... AC3L 24 Read All About It! - Part 1 of Techno-Trivia from The Hertzian Herald ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mfj; voltage; ham; mhz; power; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; mfj mfj; ham radio; power supply; morse code; heavy duty; web site; digital port; transmission lines
Downloads: 8,112
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1998)
73 Magazine December 1998 (#459) Probing Auto Electronics - Help your neighbor identify his car's problem and be an electronic's hero! ...... W6WTU 10 Announcing the QRPeanut - Here's a compact QRP transmatch you can build for next to nothing ...... N5GZH 14 Keys to Better Operating - Yes, much of it is common sense ...... W6BNB 17 Electronic Bug Emulator - Put some personality back into your CW ........
Keywords: radio; ihe; amateur; frequency; antenna; ham; power; thai; circuit; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; morse code; power supply; matching case; front panel; power meter
Downloads: 4,352
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1997)
73 Magazine December 1997 (#447) Distributed Capacity Folded Loop - This ceiling-mount antenna will really go to your head! ...... W6NBC 10 How to Silverplate RF Tank Circuits - A simple and inexpensive process to reduce losses ...... WB2CQM 18 Build Your First Kit! - Just follow one hams simple advice ...... N0BLX 24 Limited Space Antenna - Short of real estate? This might help! ...... HL9BK/K2KSY 27 How to Build A Great Ham Club - Good advice from the PR master ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; loop; ihe; ham; circuit; solder; kit; amateur radio; radio today; special event; ham radio; web site; power supply; ground plane; copper pipe
Downloads: 5,112
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1996)
73 Magazine December 1996 (#435) Automatic Packet Reporting System - You can track anything with this! ...... WB4APR 10 Shooting Straight Up - NVIS: A neglected short-range technique ...... XF1/KB6ASH 22 Build This 6m Attic Antenna - A simple stealth antenna protect ...... KA0NAN 28 Circulators Anyone? - Keep the traffic flowing ...... W6OIU 30 Hams on the Information Highway, Part 2 - How you can easily find and start using Usenet groups ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; aprs; frequency; mhz; ham; power; thai; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; morse code; low power; thin film; power supply
Downloads: 3,561
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1995)
73 Magazine December 1995 (#423) A Portable Integrated 20 Meter SSB/CW QRP Ham Radio Station - A ten pound powerhouse ...... KB4ZGC 10 Nostalgia For The Future - High performance crystal radio utilizes a high-efficiency JFET detector and dual resonant circuits for superior performance ...... KC3ZQ 14 A Perspirational Message ...... W2NSD/1 17 Jan Mayen - A Special DXCC Country ...... AJ0N/LA6US 18 Key It! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; repeater; power; mhz; ihe; hams; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; antenna tuner; call sign; jan mayen
Downloads: 3,628
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1994)
73 Magazine December 1994 (#411) Kit Builders' Primer - Yeah, I built that ...... WB8VGE 10 Stretched Vertical Gain Antenna tor 6 Meters - Here's a way to dramatically improve your 50 MHz operating capabilities ...... WB2EQG 30 The CW Operator's Friend - Simply push a button and send those frequently-repeated CQs, IDs and QTHs ...... WV5Q 36 Polarity Protection Plus - Don't take a chance of smoking your next project! ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; mhz; mfj; power; kit; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; case set; power supply; oak hills; matching case; feedback card
Downloads: 2,925
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1993)
73 Magazine December 1993 (#399) Deluxe Communications Audio Board - Enhance your audio with this practical add-on ...... WD4PLI 10 Resolving 2 Meter/Cable TV Interference - A winning strategy for keeping the peace, and staying on the air! ...... NM8R 18 Five-Element T-Match VHF Yagi - Excellent performance characteristics on 2 meters ...... KA0NAN 28 Remote Tuned Active Antenna - Tune this easy amplified antenna without leaving your chair ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; ham; frequency; repeater; audio; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; case set; matching case; ham radio; card circle
Downloads: 3,671
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1992)
73 Magazine December 1992 (#387) The Techno-Whizzy 1, Part I - Build a direct digital synthesis (DDS) radio ...... N9JZW 8 The Key to Unlocking the HTX-100 - Improved RIT control ...... AC3L 20 Is 2 Meters Hazardous to Your Health? - How to calculate safety ...... N1II 28 Build a LiTZ Decoder - Touch-tone control your speaker for emergency alerts ...... KA5RZI, N7IOB 30 Iambic Keyer Paddles - A wide array of choices ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; paddle; ihe; antenna; frequency; ham; digital; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; ham radio; contact spacing; radio fun; iambic paddle
Downloads: 3,368
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1991)
73 Magazine December 1991 (#375) The Simple TX TX - The perfect companion for the SupeRX receiver! ...... WA6IVC 10 Project INSPIRE: A Space Shuttle Experiment - Build a simple receiver to explore the wonders of the 60,000 meter band! ...... KG6EK 22 The QUAG-V - A high performance and wide bandwidth antenna for VHF and UHF ...... WB3AYW 36 Computerized Tuning for Ramsey Receiver Kits - It doesn't have to be expensive ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; frequency; ham; repeater; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; high speed; call call
Downloads: 4,145
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1990)
73 Magazine December 1990 (#363) Behold the BackPacket! - Go take a hike with packet radio ...... NW6H 9 Upgrade Your HD-4040 - KISS your Heath HD-4040 and keep AX.25 too! ...... N2BLI 19 The VOX Plus HT Accessory - Enjoy base station performance -with your HT! ...... WA2EBY 24 Pack Your Seabag, "Sparks" - Do you want to be a ship's Radio Officer? ...... N0MM 35 Audio Powered Tape Recorder Controller - Add convenience to your hamshack ......KE0UV 54 Ten-Tee's Hercules II Model 420 - Turn your ri...
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; audio; mhz; frequency; ihe; power; amateur radio; radio today; ham profiles; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; profiles ham; tape recorder
Downloads: 3,937
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1989)
73 Magazine December 1989 (#351) VOX for HTs - No-hands hand-held hamming ...... KA8HML 9 Two Meter Mobile Rig - Sick of anemic HT mobile operation? Pep up your handie with this booster ...... N8KDD 22 Poor Boy Satellite Station - Coat hanger + SO-239 connector = Mode A uplink antenna! ...... N5LKJ 24 Color SSTV for the Atari ST, Part I -Fast and easy way to get on this fascinating mode ...... WB2OSZ 38 Yaesu FT-470 2m/70cm HT - Two meters and 70cm in a micro-sized hand-held ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; ham; mhz; repeater; frequency; yaesu; band; amateur radio; feedback card; power supply; ham radio; front panel; dual band; watts output; packet radio
Downloads: 3,185
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1988)
73 Magazine December 1998 (#459) Probing Auto Electronics - Help your neighbor identify his car's problem and be an electronic's hero! ...... W6WTU 10 Announcing the QRPeanut - Here's a compact QRP transmatch you can build for next to nothing ...... N5GZH 14 Keys to Better Operating - Yes, much of it is common sense ...... W6BNB 17 Electronic Bug Emulator - Put some personality back into your CW ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; battery; icom; amateur radio; feedback card; power supply; ham radio; packet radio; antenna tuner
Downloads: 3,310
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1987)
73 Magazine December 1987 (#327) Welcome, Newcomers! - A "read-this-first" for budding hams ...... KA1HY 5 History of the ICOM 2AT - The world 's most popular handheld ...... KT2B 18 ICOM BP-4 Charging Adapter - Our technical editor beats the system ...... WB9RRT 20 Yaesu FT-209 Modifications - Expanding your HT's horizon ...... KD2WA 26 Buyer's Guide to Handhelds - A little help from your friends at 73 ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; kenwood; icom; power; battery; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; battery pack; base station; packet radio; auto patch
Downloads: 3,265
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1986)
73 Magazine December 1986 (#315) Make The Switch - Add WARC to your rig's bands witch in a few hours—but you'd better get a pair of tweezers ...... WB2JJX 26 A VOX In A Box - This is the SSBer's answer to memory keyers -a tape-loop CQer! ...... K1NYK 34 Split That Audio! - Listen in on one of contesting's best-kept secrets—and add precious points to your next multi-single effort ...... K1NYK 38 Nobody Died - Three courageous amateurs battle the contesting masses on six and two ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; antenna; mhz; ham; frequency; antennas; kenwood; hams; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; packet radio; check reader; dot matrix; antenna tuner
Downloads: 3,059
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1985)
73 Magazine December 1985 (#303) FM Your IC-730 - Put the icing on your ICOM-and discover why the 10m-FM craze is sweeping the nation! ...... N9DBX 18 Join the SWOT Team! - 2m FM is fun, but using a repeater won't challenge your skill. Turn the switch to SSB and find out what ham radio is really about! ...... KA3B 26 One-Chip Facsimile - We all talk about the weather; now you can see it on your Atari...
Keywords: antenna; radio; mhz; tor; power; amateur; ssb; amateurs; radio amateurs; signal; driven element; signal generator; power supply; ssb championship; amateur radio; ham radio; mobile unit; smart patch; power supplies
Downloads: 3,821
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1984)
73 Magazine December 1984 (#291) A Times Square Data Display - Build this scrolling touchtone decoder for your favorite repeater. What you see is what you hear ...... WA4TEM 8 Color Computer SSTV: Part II - Complete the picture by adding weather-satellite facsimile to your new color SSTV system ...... K6AEP, WB8DQT 18 Transistors: A Biased Approach - In Part I, KC0EW takes the mystery out of solid state with clear talk and practical examples ........
Keywords: amateur; display; antenna; mhz; contest; radio; output; rtty; tor; amateur radio; power supply; smart patch; image display; phase switch; main menu; award fee; technical journal; ssb championship; sales tax
Downloads: 3,268
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1983)
73 Magazine December 1983 (#279) Code Practice: Have You Seen the Light? - This simple cpo is the best weekend project under the sun -or bulb ...... Davidson 10 Unlimited Guarantee for Power Supplies - Plan for the worst and you'll get the best, says KC0EW. He might be right ...... KC0EW 20 PC Boards in a Flash! - Make circuit boards without expensive equipment. All you need is a light and a fast switch hand ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; radio; ham; output; tor; magazine; power; frequency; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; front panel; antenna tuner; toll free; qsl cards; radio club; radio amateur; circuit board
Downloads: 4,382
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1982)
73 Magazine December 1982 (#267) The Hangman's 2-Meter Collinear - Make your tower do double duty. Drop this array from the top and get 6-dB gain ...... W1GV/4 10 Deep-Six Squelch Tails - Kerchunks take a dive with the addition of this audio delay ...... WA2NYE 14 Build Yourself A Paralyzed Beam - Go from east to west In less than a second with this 2-meter array. And put your rotator out to pasture ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; frequency; amateur; power; radio; audio; receiver; rtty; magazine; power supply; amateur radio; toll free; front panel; ham radio; squelch tail; morse code; residents add
Downloads: 3,925
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1981)
73 Magazine December 1981 (#255) Cold Comfort - an HT to the rescue at fifteen below ...... KA1D 12 Review: The Rex Bassett TLM-2 Mobile Mount - banish your fear of flying ...... KAlLR 18 Update Your CW Music Keyboard - play it again Sam ...... K5KL 20 Review: The Kenwood TR-7730 Transceiver - Let's get small ...... KA1LR 26 Joe Ham: The Consumer - do you fit the mold? ...... N6AVU 32 Bob Cooper: Profile of a Pioneer ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; radio; power; magazine; signal; satellite; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; hewlett packard; packard packard; directional coupler; ham radio; front panel; packard hewlett; hewlett hewlett
Downloads: 4,542
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1980)
73 Magazine December 1980 (#243) Who Really Invented Radio? - the twisted tale of Nathan B. Stubblefield ...... WB2NEL 36 In Search of the Elusive SES - track solar activity with this simple VLF receiver ...... WA3UER 42 An Even Better IC Timer - better than what? ...... WA0PBQ 46 Direct Printing FAX - Part II: constructing the facsimile recorder ...... WB8DQT 52 A 600-MHz Universal Counter - you'll freq out over this one ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; power; magazine; radio; output; amateur; amateur radio; audio; circuit board; radio shack; power supply; variable attenuator; toll free; ham radio; radio club; time base; front panel
Downloads: 3,969
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1979)
73 Magazine December 1979 (#231) New Product: Swan's Astro 150 SSB Transceiver ...... WB8BTH 32 Low-Cost Receiver for Satellite TV - this modular design uses readily available technology ...... N6TX 38 A Simple 2m/10m Crossband Repeater System - work the world with an HT! ...... K9EID 44 Audio Booster for Mil-Surplus Receivers - a must for headphone haters ...... McClellan 50 Working with FETs - part II : experiments with gain and supply voltage ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; amateur; antenna; output; circuit; power; audio; radio; amateur radio; power supply; ground rod; ham radio; toll free; square wave; prices subject; printed circuit; master charge; call toll
Downloads: 4,264
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1978)
73 Magazine December 1978 (#219) A DXer's Dream Vacation - try sunny Montserrat ...... WB6JPZ 30 Close Encounters - the eyes of Texans are upon them ...... K8NQN 36 The Schizophrenic Triangle - a split-personality radiator ...... WA4JTJ 44 From CW to Computers - a digital modulation primer ...... N6RY 48 A 28 Cent Touchtone Mod - something for (almost) nothing ...... W9CGI 56 Space Age Surplus - your own Saturn V? ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; output; meter; radio; swr; circuit; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; nov nov; toll free; sep sep; oct oct; feb feb; jan jan; jul jul
Downloads: 3,900
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1977)
73 Magazine December 1977 (#207) Inside Ten-Tec - QRP innovators ...... K4MDK 34 The History of Ham Radio - part V ...... W9CI 38 Try BCB DX! - when you're tired of twenty ...... WB2BJH 42 Build An Engine Analyzer - use your scope! ...... WA6THG/KH6 46 More Repeater Control Devices - control unit/audio interface ...... W7JSW 50 How Do You Use ICs? - part VIII ...... WA2SUT/NNN0ZVB 56 Finally! A Practical Discriminator! - metering system, that is ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; amateur; kit; circuit; power; radio; output; antenna; meter; power supply; amateur radio; tufts radio; mystic avenue; radio electronics; aug aug; jan jan; ham radio; dec dec; front panel
Downloads: 5,034
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1976)
73 Magazine December 1976 (#194) Go Tone for Ten - simple subaudible encoder ...... WB6GON 22 World's Simplest Five-Band Receiver? - using an AM transistor radio ...... K3QKO 28 How Do You Use ICs? - part IV ...... WA2SUT/NNN0ZVB 36 Hamming 101 - another Cabrillo College pioneering program ...... Inman 40 A Super Cheapo CW IDer - for FM repeaters and RTTY ...... K4EEU 46 The ZF Special Antenna - double-D "beam" ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; power; radio; amateur; antenna; output; kit; meter; circuit; amateur radio; power supply; front panel; radio officer; factory wired; residents add; ham radio; circuit board; toll free; radio amateur
Downloads: 5,239
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1974)
73 Magazine December 1974 (#171) Making Nicads Behave ...... K2OAW 24 Zillions of Parts For Nothing ...... WB9MQY 36 C31 or Bust! ...... DK8SQ 39 Wind Indicator For Your Shack ...... W5ZG 41 Modified Weather Satellite ...... WB8DQT 48 A Logical Keyer? ...... K2QKO 53 The Perils of Novicehood ...... WA1SNG 58 Can FM Simplex Be Solved? ...... WA6CPP 65 Meters And Their Faces ...... W5IUR 70 Slow Scan Tape Secrets ........
Keywords: amateur; mhz; jan; voltage; meter; antenna; radio; sstv; oct; battery; amateur radio; wind velocity; power supply; slow scan; ham radio; address city; logic probe; tuned diode; test equipment; sstv monitor
Downloads: 3,567
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1973)
73 Magazine December 1973 (#159) IC Code Speed Display - Check the FCC's code machine with this one ...... VE1BU 25 2 Meter Linear Amplifier - In case you want to try Moonbounce ...... W4KAE 29 A Simple IC Keyer - Nice 3 IC Keyer ...... K2BLA 37 Precision Waveform Generator - Sine, square and sawtooth waves from one IC ...... VE3GSP 41 Helical Resonators - Rise from the depths of QRM ...... W0PSF/2 49 Sensitive RF Voltmeter - Check out your rig's emotional problems ........
Keywords: frequency; amateur; mhz; voltage; output; meter; repeater; power; circuit; receiver; power supply; amateur radio; catalog number; ceramic disc; square root; disc capacitors; decimal point; full scale; civil defense; blue tin
Downloads: 3,395
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1972)
73 Magazine December 1972 (#147) AFSA IV SSTV Analyzer - Also works for RTTY ...... W0LMD 17 Single Conversion 2m FM - No 455 i-f needed - honest! ...... K1CLL 23 Miniature Tone Encoder - Fits inside the mike ...... WA9VGS 29 Tone Burst Decoder - For repeaters and such ...... W3JJU 33 Universal I-F Amplifier - Like for a 2m panoramic receiver ...... DJ1SK 38 Touch-Tone Connections - For repeaters ........
Keywords: amateur; frequency; mhz; radio; voltage; circuit; repeater; meter; output; tuning; amateur radio; third party; bias voltage; power supply; capacitance variation; slow scan; circuit board; clear cast; amateur extra; party traffic
Downloads: 4,289
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1971)
73 Magazine December 1971 (#135) Convert Your 7 MHz Cubical Quad to All Bands - Everybody's doing it ...... K6DDO 13 The Indoor Quad - How to cram a quad into an apartment ...... K9RJO 17 Getting to Know Tee Squared EII - This is a very logical article ...... Thorpe 19 More Power From 6146's - Getting more power without disaster ...... W2YW 27 Radio Direction/Range Finder - Think Piece ...... K6BIJ 29 Curtis CW Identifier - For repeaters and remote base stations ........
Keywords: mhz; output; repeater; circuit; input; receiver; power; amateur; radio; frequency; power supply; amateur radio; morse memory; ham radio; study guide; clock signal; radio amateurs; ttl gate; shift register; printed circuit
Downloads: 2,906
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1970)
73 Magazine December 1970 (#123) Solid State Exciters - For the build-don't-buy crowd ...... W6YUY 16 Solid State Control for SSB Exciters - For really smooth tuning ...... W4NVK 28 Hams Are A Funny Bunch of People - Except me and thee ...... K3KMO 31 A 2 Meter Minitransmitter - Hand portable for FM repeaters ...... WB6BIH 32 Receiver Offset Tuning for the HW100 - For tuning in old timers who can't stay on frequency ........
Keywords: amateur; voltage; frequency; cathode; radio; power; circuit; antenna; output; input; amateur radio; power supply; plate voltage; vacuum tube; input signal; ham radio; plate current; grid voltage; power output; high voltage
Downloads: 2,902
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1969)
73 Magazine December 1969 (#111) Quick, Easy, Dependable Transistor Diode Checker - For those who like checkered diodes ...... W6ICC 6 Did Samuel Morse Really Invent the Telegraph? - Telegraph? What's that? ...... W2FEZ 10 Combination Dummy Load/Attenuator Network - Also doubles as a hot plate for your coffee warming ...... W2EEY 14 Tuned Filter Chokes - The Easy Way - Can your filter chokes carry a tune? ........
Keywords: circuit; frequency; amateur; output; crystal; power; meter; input; oscillator; mhz; amateur radio; power supply; vdc vdc; extra class; resonant circuit; crystal oscillator; test equipment; feedback network; power output; input signal
Downloads: 3,789
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1968)
73 Magazine December 1968 (#99) Using the First Ham Integrated Circuit - Includes several useful circuits ...... W6DNS 6 Mouse Tunnels - Hiding the wiring ...... K6HKB 12 Circular Modulation Monitor - A new scope ...... WA9IGU 14 The Mini-Square - Square wave in miniature ...... WB6BIH 16 Add-On FM Test Set - Simple to complex in easy stages ...... K9STH 18 The Elusive H Parameter - Not so elusive now ........
Keywords: power; voltage; signal; circuit; antenna; output; input; audio; frequency; radio; power supply; amateur radio; power output; watts pep; radio amateur; ham radio; printed circuit; peak power; integrated circuit; audio output
Downloads: 3,016
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1967)
73 Magazine December 1967 (#87) 250 kHz to 29.75 MHz Stabilized Converter - A phase-locked receiver with 500 kHz bands ...... K5LLI 6 Some Experiments With Stacked Beams - Getting more gain out of your array ...... VE1TG 14 Simple Antenna Mount for Satellite Work - An el-ez antenna mount using two rotators ...... W4HJZ 20 Strong Signal Interference - AGC modifications for improved cross-mod performance ........
Keywords: mhz; antenna; meter; tlie; ham; frequency; power; radio; circuit; fisk widty; amateur radio; power supply; paper tape; swr bridge; grid dip; reverberation time; local oscillator; meter meter; high school
Downloads: 2,929
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1966)
73 Magazine December 1966 (#75) Transistor Power Supplies - Useful information on low-voltage DC supplies ...... W6GXN 10 The Sideband Escalator - Have you tried SSB speech clipping? ...... W6TAQ 16 A Ham Electronic Counter - Determine your frequency the modern way ...... K7UDL 20 The Novice Pair - Build a practical, modern novice station ...... W1JJL 28 A Lab-Type Power Supply - Regulated low-voltage output; PC construction ........
Keywords: tlie; antenna; power; circuit; voltage; output; meter; frequency; ssb; ham; power supply; amateur radio; feed antenna; effective aperture; focal length; meter meter; high voltage; power supplies; monitor scope; linear amplifier
Downloads: 2,960
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1965)
73 Magazine December 1965 (#63) Solid-State 432 Exciter - Puts out 8 watts on 432 MHz. A ham scoop ...... W9SEK 6 8058 Nuvistor Preamp for 432 MHz - Complete plans and layouts ...... I1L0V 10 UHF-VHF Dipper - 50 to 500 MHz with no work ...... WA1CCH 11 Transistorized FSM - Printed circuit board available for this one ...... W1JJL 14 Ham Christmas Gifts - Ho, ho, ho! It's that time again ...... 16 RF Measurements - Build a Q-meter and impedance bridge ........
Keywords: tlie; voltage; meter; antenna; circuit; frequency; transistor; output; watts; power; power supply; drain current; high power; field strength; source resistor; amateur radio; strength meter; printed circuit; audio frequency; watts pep
Downloads: 3,145
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1964)
73 Magazine December 1964 (#51) SSB Mobile Receiver - Lots of nice ideas in this one ...... W3ZFJ 6 Cheap Pair of Socks - Simple linear using inexpensive new tube ...... W6NKZ 10 28 Volt Supply - 10 amps at 28 volts for $10 ...... K6VNT 12 Weather Detector - Don't let a tornado suck you up ...... K5JKX 14 14 Elements on 432 - Simple yagi for 70 cm ...... K1CLL 16 Miniature Multiband Tuner - Very clever and useful ........
Keywords: model; frequency; antenna; meter; tlie; power; voltage; receiver; circuit; crystal; power supply; folded dipole; amateur net; series modulator; forward gain; amateur radio; wave folded; top ripple; tank circuit; signal generator
Downloads: 3,380
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1963)
73 Magazine December 1963 (#39) Some Guys Make It - And then there's us ...... K2ORS 6 QRP Kilowatt ...... WA4DQS 8 50 MHz DSB - A novel approach ...... Unknown 16 Six Meter Transceiver ...... WA2INM 11 VHF Contest Special - A dissertation on the use of the Corner Reflector on 144 MHz ...... K9SGZ 20 The VR Tube ...... Lyman 24 432 MHz Exciter - From the ARC-27 RF Subassembly ...... W5AJG 32 Cartoon ........
Keywords: antenna; receiver; voltage; meter; power; amateur; tube; radio; circuit; transmitter; power supply; amateur radio; plate current; plate voltage; amateur net; front panel; supply voltage; negative peak; radio amateur; incentive licensing
Downloads: 2,702
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1962)
73 Magazine December 1962 (#27) Two Meter VFO - Very stable and uses one tube. Dandy bandspread ...... W6TKA 6 Modifying the Sixer - For a 50% power increase ...... K4ZQQ 9 Modifying the HE-45 - Improving the modulation & power output meter for this nice rig ...... WA2INM 10 The Irving Hiverter 50 - Six meter SSB converter tested at HQ by W1MEL. Works ...... Staff 12 Alternators - With mobile SSB coming at us in a rush we will be needing these ........
Keywords: receiver; meter; radio; voltage; ssb; power; circuit; tlie; amateur; transmitter; mfd capacitor; cutoff bias; power supply; radio set; amateur radio; plate current; axial lead; radio supply; front panel; amateur net
Downloads: 2,776
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1961)
73 Magazine December 1961 (#15) Write Your Congressman - Making a pest out of yourself in a big way ...... K7HDB 6 Ten Meter Midget Rig ...... K5JKX/6 8 Versatilizing Meters ...... W2WYM 12 Regenative Detectors ...... W5WGF 16 Another Two Meter Conversion - Conversion of the R-77/ARC-3 Receiver provides continuous coverage from 100 to 156 mc, without undue sacrifice of 2 meter bandspread ...... W4WKM 22 Economical Custom Construction - Sturdy, professional appearing custom equipment housing made...
Keywords: meter; antenna; receiver; amateur; tuning; voltage; ham; transmitter; aluminum; calibration; power supply; amateur radio; front panel; citizens band; amateur net; power output; local time; lead attached; ham bands; face panel
Downloads: 2,848
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1960)
73 Magazine December 1960 (#3) Transistorized 220 MHz Converter - Crystal controlled too ...... W3HIX 8 RF Sniffer - Snooper sensitive RF detector which you will build ...... K5JKX/6 11 SSB Dynamic Demonstrator - Teaching SSB calls for some tricky stratagems ...... W2UQB 12 Capacity Meter - Two ranges : 0-40 pF (resolves 1 pF) and 0-900 pF ...... K8ERV 14 Station Control System - Even if you don't build this one it will give you ideas ........
Keywords: circuit; relay; voltage; frequency; receiver; squelch; oscillator; signal; meter; transistor; power supply; noise figure; positive voltage; delay relay; mmfd ceramic; amateur radio; squelch control; short wave; pickup loop; plate current
Downloads: 3,461
[texts]73 Magazine (November 2002)
73 Magazine November 2002 (#504) Your Turn for a Coil Winder - The Gingery Universal Coil Winder can be an easy and handy addition to your bench ...... K8ZOA 10 Multiple CW Filters - Here are some clear descriptions and examples of how you can set up an active audio filter ...... W2GOM/7 16 Automotive Battery Voltage Monitor - Interesting to analyze, simple to build ...... KC5MFY 20 Travels with Henryk -Part 9 - CQ de Havana ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; wire; power; frequency; ihe; amateur radio; voltage; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; slot antenna; wire guide; coil winder; book shop; extra class
Downloads: 2,763
[texts]73 Magazine (November 2001)
73 Magazine November 2001 (#492) Practical RF Ground Stations for AMSAT A0-40 - All you need to know ...... GM4PLM 11 Microwave Antennas for A0-40 - The expert speaks ...... GM4PLM 17 Modifying the TranSystem 3733 for Mode S - Get in on the fun! ...... KA0YOS 24 Build the FODTrack - How about a low-cost tracking interface? ...... KA0YOS 26 What Is an EasySat, Anyway? - Now you know ...... K5OE 29 The PCSat APRS Satellite - More fun on the horizon ........
Keywords: amateur; satellite; radio; antenna; amsat; mhz; aprs; antennas; ham; amateur radio; radio today; amateur satellite; ham radio; web site; iss ham; book shop; microwave antennas; radio station; radio book
Downloads: 2,412
[texts]73 Magazine (November 2000)
73 Magazine November 2000 (#480) Build This IP3 Test Set - A receiver's third order input intercept point is more than just a mouthful ...... N2DCH 10 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 3: Data receiver for testing ...... W6WTU 16 A BFO for Your SW Rx - With a $10 Ten-Tec kit ...... W4PGI 22 Super-Simple 80m Fox - Build this easy and inexpensive QRP rig, perfect for dual-band foxboxes ...... K0OV 24 You Can Build the FoxFinder 80! - Here's how to get started in the exciting world of 3.5 MHz ARD...
Keywords: radio; receiver; antenna; amateur; ihe; signal; circuit; kit; khz; output; amateur radio; radio today; web site; power supply; ham radio; circuit board; sense antenna; radio book; high power; gain control
Downloads: 2,757
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1999)
73 Magazine November 1999 (#469) Need a UHF Dipper? - Part 2: Coupling to an outside environment ...... W6WTU 10 Planning a DXpedition - Here's what to do if you take Wayne's advice ...... W4DC 14 Why No Beta-Morse? - An amusing way to preserve your Morse code ...... VE2MHZ 18 Building a Better Collins - Add this $1 solid state replacement part to your 30S1 ...... W2CQM 19 Isotron Notes - Simple tips straight from the Hart ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; loop; antenna; power; mhz; kit; thai; battery; amateur radio; radio today; sense loop; feedback card; morse code; ham radio; high power; web site; spread spectrum
Downloads: 3,030
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1998)
73 Magazine November 1998 (#458) Build the Fox TTL Foxhunt Transmitter - Simple, inexpensive, and the end of your excuses for not trying T-hunting ...... AH2AR/8 10 The Evolution of Power Supplies - Part 1: dynamotors and vibrators ...... W6WTU 13 Surface Mount SW RF Booster - Easy-to-build design, plus high-pass filter to boot ...... Davidson 16 VHF/UHF Signal Source - There's always room for another piece of test equipment! ........
Keywords: ihe; amateur; radio; thai; signal; receiver; noise; antenna; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; power supplies; signal source; noise figure; power supply; web site; sine wave
Downloads: 2,512
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1997)
73 Magazine November 1997 (#446) How to Design Your Own HF Antenna - No excuses after this ...... VA3ACK 10 Readin', Writin', and Robotin' - Is your high school entered in FIRST? ...... Gray 17 Our Friend Pythagoras - Pop quiz: Who can state the Pythagorean Theorem? ...... N0BLX 19 Electronic Construction from A to Z - Everything you wanted to know about building stuff but were afraid to ask ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; voltage; thai; ham; power; meter; radio today; amateur radio; power supply; low power; ham radio; load bank; printed circuit; field day
Downloads: 2,909
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1996)
73 Magazine November 1996 (#434) Switching Power Supplies - Different is good! ...... NZ9E 10 Designing RF Probes - A simple one-hour test equipment project ...... KB4ZGC 17 A Low Current Light - Great portable operation ...... KB4ZGC 19 Can You Top This? - The worlds tallest mobile antenna? ...... N6JF 20 The CCD antenna is now available for the amateur bands - A QRP/SWR Power Meter ...... KB4ZGC 28 A Dirt-Cheap Broadband 80 Meter Vertical - The "outhouse" antenna ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; mhz; frequency; ham; power; voltage; output; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; ham radio; switching power; power supplies; hindi hindi
Downloads: 2,982
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1995)
73 Magazine November 1995 (#422) Home-Brew Quagis - A novice can build these 2m and 440-MHz antennas for under $15 ...... KE6HVH 10 A Boy Scout's "Drab" Life - Teaching in a unique second language ...... KB7UIM 16 A Simple Wattmeter - How much does your equipment cost to power? ...... N7APE 20 The Capacitator - You'll get a charge out of this! ...... VK6BQN 22 Crystal-Controlled Audio Generator - Clean, reliable frequencies from junk box parts ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; meter; ihe; ham; repeater; amateur radio; radio today; case set; power supply; morse code; ham radio; feedback card; simple simplex
Downloads: 3,107
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